9 reasons to prefer merino wool

A soft merino wool jumper was recently added to the Looren collection, so you can enjoy the wonderful moments of autumn in its warm embrace! Wool is an irreplaceable material in our climate, the good properties of which could be listed forever, but did you know that merino wool is even nicer than ordinary sheep’s wool?

Origin of merino wool

Merino wool is grown by Merino sheep, who are very popular in New Zealand and Australia, but they can also be raised on Estonia’s lush pastures! The first reports of these great animals come from 12th century Spain, where merino wool was used in military uniforms, but also as a sign of wealth in the manufacturing of high-class luxury clothing. The merino yarn in Looren’s new jumper comes from Austria and is known for not pilling easily.

Merino wool advantages

  • Merino wool is a lot softer and has finer fibre than normal sheep’s wool.
  • Merino wool is very breathable and regulates body temperature, meaning you can wear your merino wool jumper during the cold winter as well as on a warm summer evening!
  • Clothing made from merino wool does not start to smell bad when worm, as the material absorbs everything and releases it during washing.
  • Merino wool is durable and will bring you joy for many years if properly taken care of.
  • Thanks to it being so natural and having such a soft texture, merino wool is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Merino wool absorbs moisture and directs it away from the skin. You won’t be uncomfortable even if you sweat.
  • Merino wool jumpers are warm but extremely light and comfortable thanks to its thin fibres.
  • It shouldn’t be a secret that merino wool items look good and adorn the wearer in any situation!
  • And what’s most important: merino wool is a nature friendly and sustainable choice.

The sheep run around on green pastures in the fresh air, shed their wool a few times a year and then grow a new coat. Shearing does not cause them any discomfort.

It is true that merino wool products are usually a bit more expensive than items made from normal sheep wool, but merino is definitely worth the investment due to its excellent properties. If you divide the cost by all the days you can wear your favourite merino wool sweater, the price is so low that it would be a sin to deny yourself this little luxury!

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